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Exclusive Collections

Lemon & Pip offers an ever changing mix of must-have merchandise to help fill your home with style, personality and special memories.



​​Find everything you need here, for the naughty or nice


Fasten your seat belts and prepare for take off. Your flight destination is to our Aviation Collection. Have a pleasant purchase!

​​Irish Sayings

Sure there ya are now! Confused? Don't be... this is just one of the many ways Irish people greet each other! Here you will find your favourite Irish saying or maybe even learn a new one! Well, they do say you learn something new everyday!


TV, Movies & Lyrics

Have a favourite tv show, movie or song and hoping to find a mug that suits you? Dive right into this collection and grab one of these bébés!


Namaste, friends. Find your zen with one of our yoga inspired mugs.


Exactly as it says on the tin. These mugs are inappropriate but they are guarenteed to give you a giggle... maybe dont give them to your mother... or maybe do! You decide!

Collections: Collections
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